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CZECHCOZLOVAKIA (or as it is known now as Czech Republic and Slovakia)
There is no film school here. But I would just like to give it special note coz lots of Hollywood shoots are being done here na rin, too, like
Mission Impossible and A Knight's Tale. But if you want to see the biggest bunch of lackluster caucasian talents in the world, go to Czechcozlovakia. Czech out A Knight's Tale to see what I'm talking about. No offense, people of Czech, it was just something humorous I noted kase on A Knight's Tale.

Iran seems to have pretty good film culture or its because they are pretty much in vogue right now. I hope Khatami gets to modernize Iran again.

Malaysia has just released a new film, I forgot the name right now, but
this bodes well for the rest of SE Asia, we better get our butts moving now
over here in the Pinas, coz it looks like the film world is slowly turning
its eye towards South East Asia.

Gawrsh, this country has started to leave us behind in film quality. They
make humorous, high-budget commercials and now it seems movies pa rin.

A god country for filmmaking all of the sudden. I remember I used to hate Chow Yun Fat and John Woo coz they were so baduy. Now I find them so cool. (How facetious of me, hehehe). Though I did like Jet Li's movies instantly, once I got to see them on Channel 13. (Thank you Channel 13, for you B-movies! Come to think of it, we should show our indies on Channel 13. UNTV buy channel 13 na lang!) How did a country so small turn out so many movies? Money, I guess =) Anyway, we all know Hong Kong is rocking. Here is a footnote. Watch HERO starring Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi, when it comes out. It's a movie about the first Chinese Emperor. It is directed by Zhang Yimou!

Like Beijing Film Academy mentioned above. China is going to rule! How scary for us! I hope we are assimilated nicely, hehehe.

Yes, it is a separate country from China. Their film industry is world class na rin.

After you become first world, you start developing first world cinema. Everybody turn your eyes toward S. Korea. I want to see Joint Security Area.

It seems their president is a film buff. Even commissioned a few, I dunno if he directed any himself. North Korea is thawing and I think one day they will "unify". Sure hope so.

Haven't seen any of their films.

In spite of stringent censorship, they still manage to make some movies. Its okay for me to have a place like Singapore. Its good to have an ordered part of the world.

LAOS (?)


KAMPUCHEA (?) or is that Cambodia also.


I did see an Indonesian film recently called Kuldesak. It was pretty good, typical angst though. I don't think they'll have time to shoot movies though considering their recent chaos though. Though someone did tell me violence there naman is pretty isolated, like the way it is here.

New country. Will they make new movies?

Ummm. Aren't they militarized?

Aren't they poor?

Go Musharraf!

No bad jokes for this country.

Another mountain country.

Is this a separate country from China or Russia?

I don't think I've ever seen a Russian film.

Gawd, another god country of filmmaking, I don't have to say much about this country. Coz we know there films are pretty good (the goods ones, smart aleck, not the extended MTV's =) )

The vehicle for the acceptance of indie films in the region. It may not seem like it now, but trust me, they will start pushing indie soon,
considering how hip it is going to be or is getting to be.

As long as it is starring Saddam, I guess they can show it. I want to see that tongue-in-cheek docu these Frenchmen made about Saddam. They actually were able to fool Saddam into making it, and then they fled. I think it is called Big Brother Saddam or something. Looks like fun.

I only mention Sierra Leone coz of the docu, Cry Sierra Leone. It looks scary but brave and interesting.

The land of DOGME 95. Nuff said.


This place has an underdeveloped movie industry, clearly beaten at the box office many times by such stellar countries like Zimbabwe, Iceland and the Dominican Republic. People in this country really don't watch many movies. Actually all they do all day is watch Jerry Springer. Sayang naman, this country has such moviemaking potential, hehehehe.

I like French movies. I don't like French attitude. As one person said, all they do is navel gaze. But right now I'm into the French New Wave. My advice to France, get over your aristocratic supercilliouness and realize that in a global world, only the best survive. Unless of course you just want to become one big Disneyland.

They seem to have an Irish film center in the Temple Bar district of Dublin. Ireland is known for developing great bands, they have a deep band culture. Maybe we can develop our movie culture, over here in the Pinas.

The darling of film shoots in the 60's. Italy has pretty good directors and even better designers.

Later na.

After watching a docu on Cinemax. Spain looks promising.

Amores Perros looks interesting. And Robert Rodriguez is half-Mexican, isn't he?

I'm getting tired. Later na lang. =)


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