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We are Brash Young Cinema, and we are going to take this nation by storm.
We are bunch of dedicated filmmakers determined to making better films out of this country and out this world. We do not believe that Philippine cinema is bad. We just believe we can do better.

Anyway, visit us at our headquarters and screening room at
Brash Young Cinema, Basement, S&L (Unisys) Building, Makati, Philippines.

This site was made for the sole purpose of helping Philippine-based movie buffs :
(1) find places to watch alternative movies (foreign, independent, experimental, etc.) in Metro Manila.
(2) find information about these alternative movies (where to buy/rent them, where on the Net one can find summaries/reviews/bios/articles)
(3) find a venue to communicate their passion for cinema!



Brash Young Cinema, the website, began around last year when I figured out and HTML, and soon after that the cafeteria in my mom's building closed down, leaving an empty space in the basement. My mom, wanting to get my lazy fat ass movin, gave me the space and told me I could do anything I wanted with it and so I decided to make in into a cinema.

Around May, this year, after my campaign with Manny Villar, I finally decided to get it movin. I got the Sony TV from the house, brought the laser and dvd player. I also began to set-up the chairs in the place from the old cafeteria, when my girlfriend Margie (who wasn't my girlfriend yet then) and buddy Harvey told me about this feller named JJ, who was screening movies out of Insomnia in Malate. JJ, in fact, was someone I knew from a long time ago and by happenstance we came across each other in Sanctum around a week later. So we decided to combine forces and we formed Brash Young Cinema, the movie theater. We got some sofas and appliances from Fritz Bart, the Austrian, food and drinks from various sources, videos from even more various sources and so finally we are where we are today. So welcome to Brash Young Cinema, and I hope you have a great time. And let us make Philippine cinema better then we know it!

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