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December 07, 2001

It's not everyday that you come across a life-changing invention.

Also: BYC was featured in MTV INKmagazine ! While others may scoff, we find that cool.
Maybe it has something to do with Joey's t-shirt in the picture.

Nov 26, 2001

Read my country run-down. An analysis of film output from a world atlas viewpoint.

Filmmaking is a global art form, that anybody can get into. Sometimes it is very lucrative. Sometimes it is not. But keep on trucking. Soon we'll start making virtual reality movies (that probably won't be called movies anymore). Anyway, the point is to take us to another place, another time. To entertain us for a moment, to shock us, to educate us, to stupidify us, to distract us, to make us feel smarter, to make us feel silly, to make us feel dumber. Cinema is a great responsibility. It DOES influence people.

Violent films make people more violent and peaceful films make people more peaceful. This is an UNDENIABLE fact. So use films carefully. Now in our region of the world, I don't want to let everything out of the bag right away, coz I still have to make a living, but it is also undeniable that we have to make better films. Coz it is fun. Coz it is profitable. Coz it will make us better human beings. And don't always go for shock or for anger. That's the easy way out. Try making a nice, heartwarming, light but not cheezy film and realize that that is even harder to make and less scarring on the psyche of your audience.

Whenever you talk to a Pinoy Hollywood person, they say the reason why they never make high quality, intelligent movies is because they say there is not market for it. Well I am an intelligent, quality movie appreciator and I am a market. And I bet I am not alone. So let us make college-educated movies for us and let Pinoy Hollywood make movies for the rest. I hope we get along (But by the time they read this site, we will not get along. Coz they are vindictive. hehehe). Anyway, like I always said I am trying to promote high-quality movies. I am an advocate. I will make even some myself coz preaching is good, practice is better. I hope they turn out pretty good. And I am seriously interested in founding a school someday. I would like to focus on more light-hearted happy movies than the angsty angry movies other film schools like to produce. Its not that I have anything against them, its just that I want to be an alternative. Anyway, my hands hurt. Till next time...

Read also my personal hotlist of the Behind The Scenes people in film today. The people who make it happen.


November 13, 2001

(hehehe) =)

The Taliban soldiers were ruthlessly efficient in their destruction of the PARWAN CINEMA, except for the fragments of fantasies they left scattered on the projection room floor.
Two years later, the torn bits of movies - the blasphemous idolatry the Taliban thought it had wiped out for eternity - survive as the only reminder of a time when the people of CHARIKAR could sit in rows of metal chairs and stare at a flickering screen and dream...
It isn't easy to have a good time in a country so long at war. Those with money to spare can rent videos smuggled in from neighboring PAKISTAN, past the officers of the Taliban Ministry of Virture and Prevention of Vice...
Baba Khan, a metal worker and movie lover, was a regular at the Parwan. Now he sits on a wooden stool in his workshop across the street from the ruined theater, remembering how it used to be...
"It was a good time. I miss It. I liked the old Indian films, and they were good films. The old ones had everything: a good story, good fighting, and a good robbery" Khan says he's looking forward to the day when the boxoffice will open again... when Afghanistan is part of the world again...
At Shah Aqha's video shop in the town's bazaar, Hindi musicals and gangster films are the dominant genres, but there are also Hollywood titles, such as DESPERADO and THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS. For the 300,000 local Afghanis Aqha will provide the video tape, a battered B & W TV, a video player and a car
battery to power the whole setup (The power grid has been dead for years) That basic package would cost an average Afghan DOCTOR a month's salary, and a color TV would set him back more...
Syed Hamrudin, 33, a Northern Alliance commander whose post overlooks the abandoned theater, remembers the days of the movie house. A full house of about 340 seats would leave the owner with about $40 a screening. For that he is locked away in prison and his wife and childen have nothing, Hamrudin said... His only crime according to Hamrudin, was showing movies. "He gave people with little hope some way to escape."

< gawrsh! i'm happy i'm not in Afghanistan! hehehe >

Oct 16, 2001


In place of keeping this section of the website updated, I've created a weblog at:

Check it out for my latest thoughts on the film world.

Meanwhile the mother of all weblogs is at

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October 2, 2001
Have you ever wondered why Americans do not text? England does, Finland does and so does Japan, and of course, the Philippines! So why don't the Americans do it? I think it all boils down to bad marketing. They should market it to the Americans as a portable ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger. Then the Americans will understand.

Philippine distributors continue to boycott Inquirer. I think this sucks. It also shows the true nature of Pinoy Hollywood, God-damn Corrupt! hehehe

You gotta check out! That community rocks!

Also e-mail to get the best CCP-Sineklab yahoogroups.

I'm going to the Titus Brandsma Center this Sat. Finally! Yehey! =)

The WTC Bombings makes the world repect the army more, and good values. Liberalism is great, but it shouldn't be done at the expense of the greater good or greater values.

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September 21, 2001
Here's something I got from but its hilarious!

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