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Tuesday, September 11, 11:25 am
THE SCENE IN NEW YORK : a report from ground zero
by Yvette P. Fernandez

It was like the scene out of a movie.
___But it was real. Way too real.
___Pictures of the World Trade Center on fire. Right there on live television, we saw one tower on fire-- a huge gaping hole in the familiar landmark. It was surreal. Immediately called my friend Isa who lives downtown two blocks away from the scene. She just moved here from Manila two weeks earlier.
___"What the hell happened?" she asked sleepily. "I just woke up to an explosion, and now there are sirens."
___ "Isa! A plane just crashed into World Trade Center! They say it may be terrorists...omigod! Another just crashed into the second tower! Get out of
there now!"
___She dashed to her window. She could see people panicking in the streets, she said. Debris flying all over the place.

My sister Lara and I were glued to our television. President Bush vows to hunt down those responsible for the "apparent terrorist attack." An aircraft crashes into the Pentagon. A fire on the mall in Washington. A car bomb explodes at the State Department. Flights all over the United States have been cancelled.
___"America Under Attack" scream the TV headlines. We're getting calls from loved ones all across America and from way across the seas, in Manila. We're ok.. we're ok, we tell them but apparently thousands of others downtown are not. We have friends who live downtown, friends and many, many colleagues who work downtown on Wall Street. We're hoping they're all okay.

I head off to work. The streets are packed with people. Many of the subway lines are closed, people are crammed into buses. All bridge and tunnels in and out of the city are closed. People are walking, heads bowed, or looking lost, distracted. People try to use their cellphones but cannot. Traffic jams in all directions. But no horns are blowing. Strange for New York City. An eerie sense of silence. Just the distant blare of sirens.
___And the fatalities. Mayor Rudy Giulani saying there could be a "horrendous number of lives lost." Police sources saying they could be in the thousands. No pictures of any of the injured, any of the dead yet. And it's been over two hours. To protect America from the full horror of the tragedy perhaps? Just repeated pictures of the explosions-- of the people being evacuated. It's almost as if there is a news blackout. What is the world being protected from?

Just got a call from Isa. She's in my midtown apartment, in tears.
___"Yvette, I thought I was going to die," she cries. "I was right there when the first tower collapsed. A huge, rumbling sound. I saw it all. It was much smoke. No one could see anything."
___People were jumping out of the buildings, she says. She actually saw people jumping out of the buildings. She's just called home, she says. They know she's safe. Why in the world did she move to New York?!?

My phone has been ringing off the hook. My Filipino friends checking on other Filipino friends who work, live downtown. We're all family to each other, have been for many years.
___Yes, I just heard from Michelle and Dino, I tell my friend Eric. They both work downtown but are not safe at home midtown. Eric had woken me up
this morning with the news. Turn on the TV now, he had said grimly--There's been an explosion at the World Trade Center!
___Michelle is worried about Noel who works right across from the scene. No one has heard from him yet. Nor has anyone heard from our other friend Babette. Many phone lines still horribly busy. A call from our Tokyo office checking to see if I've heard of a Japanese reporter at the New York Stock Exchange. Mayumi's parents are oh so worried. Please call us as soon as you hear anything.
___Another friend Elaine who lives downtown calls from midtown. Go to my apartment, Laine, I tell her. My sister is there with lots of food. Stay with us tonight. She's fine for now, she says. But she'll be in touch.
___Lara calls from home. She's just been to the grocery where the lines are snaking to the checkout counters. People are panic-buying. Loading their carts with bread, milk, canned goods, bottled water. She's spoken to her friends Nana and Joan who work downtown, and our cousin Paula who lives down there. They're all welcome to stay at our place if they need to.

Memos from human resources here at work. People who live in Manhattan can go home if they feel it is safe to do so. Arrangements being made for people who live out of the city to stay at hotels. Lots of food available for us in the conference rooms if we need it. A plea being made for blood donations. A shortage of blood in DC and New York, we're told. Please go to the nearest hospital to donate blood.

Finally get through to Noel. He's safe at home all the way uptown. He walked over a hundred blocks to get there and his feet are covered with callouses, but he's fine.
___"At least I can walk. Other people can't even walk, he says," his voice breaking. "We saw it. We saw the second plane crash into the second tower. It happened right in front of our eyes as we were evacuating our building at the World Financial across the street. I was in shock. Everyone started running. There was smoke all over. It was just chaotic. I can't believe this is all happening."

The televisions continue to blare with the latest news. Just pictures of smoke and debris and panic. Still no pictures of the dead or wounded. Still no faces to this horrible tragedy that has shocked the world. By the time this story goes to press, there will probably be many. Tens of thousands of stories to be told about the tens of thousands of people killed or wounded in this horrible tragedy. And the millions of people in the city who knew them, whose lives they touched. Mothers, fathers, children, colleagues, friends. And the millions of people in America and billions all over the world who have been glued to their TV sets for hours, wondering why?

Why? Why?

* * *

September 11, 2001
Hello all Trekkies! Sorry I made a mistake last time. If you want to join the founding of the first Philippine Star Trek club (that I've heard of), send an e-mail to NOT

* * *

Sept.4, 2001
Pauline Kael died today. Can't say I knew her. All I know is that she wrote movie reviews for the New Yorker. Who the heck reads the New Yorker anyway? I guess we should all read her some time, but in the meantime thanks Pauline for introducing people to the wonderful world of movies. =)

* * *

Sept. 4, 2001


I just saw A KNIGHT'S TALE today, which was very lucky coz they just happen to be showing sneak previews at Rockwell at regular prices. Anyway, I've been wanting to watch this movie all year coz it is directed by Brian Helgeland, director of Payback (and script writer of LA Confidential). Payback rocked so much that there is no way he could do a bad job with this one. And he didn't. After Spy Kids this is probably the best movie that I've seen this year that I can remember.

___ It is not that the movie was fantastic. It is just that I found the concept riveting, knights being portrayed as sports superstars with rock and roll music playing in the background. The whole movie I just got a thrill watching them joust and joust and joust and joust (yes, there is a whole lot of jousting in the movie) And watching the lances explode, the thundering of the horses. I liked the armor, the costumes, the sets. Though I have never seen so many bad extras in my life! I just like the jousting! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! (which reminds me The Fast and The Furious is next). And that may have been the problem of the movie, after awhile it was all that for 2 hours! You can see that's why he made the movie, coz wouldn't jousting be kewl! and then just built up a pseudo story around it. But what I like is how Brian Helgeland experimented with this teeny-bopper film, how he tried all sorts of new sets and takes for a medieval setting. I hope he makes more movies soon! He's one of my favorites. Too bad this movie didn't come out after The Lord of The Rings coz it might have gotten a bigger reception.

___ And, oh yes, a little explanation on jousting, if your lance shatter on your opponent's shield you get one point, if your lance shatters on an opponents helmet you get two points, if you unhorse him, you get three points, and the lances are blunted so you just get hit rather than pierced. Anyway, before I ramble on too much, on to the next topic.


I just saw PAYATAS by Carlitos Siguion Reyna at the full moon showings behind the Manila Bay (which all of you have to go to once at least once, i'll update ya when the next one is). It was really kewl, what he did was set up two projectors and had a synchronized showing. One film was showing ballet, the other one was showing a story, both in perfect sync. A technical marvel in itself was the coordination of the two films. He must have spent weeks if not months in the editing room. Who knows when it will be shown again (maybe in Brash, =) who knows). But I have to admit, Carlitos is talented. Soon he'll make full-length movies that doesn't need a sex slant to sell. Soon, di ba Tita Midz (ralph! hehehe). By the way, PAYATAS, was shot on DV.


Also, go to the BOOKFAIR, go to the BOOKFAIR, go to the BOOKFAIR! It is in the MegaTradeHall in MegaMall. Excellent stuff. Every single small book
publisher is there! They even have a website! ( I have never seen so many locally produced and written books. I sincerely believe that the Philippines is going through a Renaissance, and art IS flourishing. I believe in it so much that I will start producing movies soon, Brash Young Pictures or something like that. And get a booth in next year's bookfair. So any of you director's out there who want to make a movie and need money, yes, money. We'll start producing soon, so get ready with your good stuff!


And speaking about a Renaissance, check out COOL PIETIES, in the Art Center, 4th Floor, Bldg. B. Megamall to see really awesome installation art and other wall art. It is bee-yoo-tee-ful!!! I am always looking for a certain brashness, a certain confidence in Philippine art, and these artists have it or are at least are on their way. I have never seen such confidence in the Philippine modern art scene b4 and this was great! It is hard to describe but let's just call it modern art. I also noticed that when modern art is done in your country it makes sense. For example, when I was in the MOMA in New York City, I never understood modern art making
fun of the Brooklyn Bridge for example, but if you have someone in the Philippines making fun of the South Superhighway, it all makes sense all of the sudden. Gets? It ends on Sept. 8 so better catch it before then, it's a MUST-SEE! And the bookfair ends on Sept. 9, so better catch that one, too! And Powerbooks and National Bookstore are on sale, so better use that, too! Viva La Art!


And what do you think, will A.I. rock? I don't think so, but I guess we HAVE to watch it. And how was Crazy/Beautiful? We HAVE to watch that, too. (Don't you hate movies you HAVE to watch not because they are good but they become points of referrence in future movie discussions) I am not looking forward to any movies anymore except for JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK and SEXY BEAST and oh yes, ROLLERBALL coz it's directed by John Mctiernan, director of the 13th Warrior.

* * *

September 2, 2001:
An interesting article from the Inquirer

September 1, 2001
UNTV's Eat My Shorts: NU107 has launched its tv station called UNTV on UHF channel 37, home cable channel 59, destiny cable channel 59 and for SKY call 6367591 (kinda like an I Want My MTV, I guess). Anyway what is special about this channel is that they show short films and not just any short film but YOUR short films. Anyway, they release a new short film every Friday at 9 PM and also every Saturday at 3:30 PM and every Monday at 10:30 PM, I think they call this segment Eat My Shorts. Yesterday they showed AKO SI SUPERBIKER by Lyndon Santos, which I wasn't able to watch coz my TV has been down. But it should be good! Anyway, tune in to UNTV, it looks like its gonna be kewl!!! (and by the way DON'T go to, it looks like its a PORN site! what's a porn site anyway? hehehe. NU's website seems to be on, but it ain't up yet)

My friend Jay, just introduced me to this site called, anyway go to this section and see a lot of Net-published pictures, kinda like a JackAss on the web. Some of these pics might turn you off (but they are not scary), just be sure next time you are in a "compromising" position make sure that you're "friends" don't take a picture of you coz you don't know what you are going to see on the web next!

August 30, 2001:
It is the vision of BYC to be the Mayric's of Independent film the place where all great directors are born! Naks! So please start sending in your originals right away and we'll figure out some way to split the fees so that we can both benefit!

August 30, 2001:
It is my great thrill to announce the converging and launch of the website (no we don't own the dotcom yet). But I think its really kewl! Lionel Valdellion, an old friend of mine, just redesigned and launched the new website which serendipitously happened to correspond with the signing up of the 100th member of our egroups! =)

Also this info just in from DVDiva of, charges 10 $ per year to put your DVD lists on their site but gives it away for free! Secondly, you might want to check out Adventure Videos - DVD and VHS rentals in Pasig, it seems they have a good selection, which occurs to me, we should open a Brash Young Video Club soon...

* * *

Aug 27, 01:

My friend Paolo has just thought of forming an official Star Trek group, which incidentally would be the first in the Philippines if not in Asia itself. We thought of having a meeting every Sunday (but probably every first Sunday of the month) to watch movies, watch Trek TV series and maybe even (gasp!) wear Trek uniforms! Anyway Paolo is still registering with the United Federation of Planets in the States and finding out more about how to go about forming a club so in the meantime you can subscribe to So all ya Trekkies out there this is it! Our time has come!!! Incidentally I have all Star Trek movies on laser disc including the Next Generation, except for one, which I can't remember, thanks to my bro-in-law. And Paolo has all the Next Generation TV series on his computer and I'm sure there is more stuff out there... we are all set!

The annual Philippine Book Fair will start on Sept. 2 in the MegaMall MegaTradeHall (ya know the top of MegaMall where they have all those conventions). This book fair rocks because every small publisher in the Philippines is there, really interesting stuff. Like last year I remember this guy from the Iranian embassy was there with all sorts of books maybe this year he'll have movies! Anyway, check it out! And don't forget Ayala Museum is also having a Philippine currency exhibit till the end of this month, which should also rocks for all you numismatists (like me).

Ayala Museum is having a Philippine currency exhibit until the end of August, which should be kewl, and if you have time, check out the ships and galleons too, they rock! You are sooo money, hehehe!


Sulyap: (A short film by Mo Zee) A real-time encounter between a sampaguita vendor and a yuppie. (4 mins.)
Slumber Party : (A short film by Mo Zee) 4 friends get together over chips and lambanog. Mayhem ensues. (9 mins.)
Dikdik : (A short film by Mo Zee) A drug deal gone sour. (10 mins.)
The Last Day: (A short film by Ramon de Veyra) One guy has 3 tasks to do before graduation, including humiliating a teacher. (15 mins.)
Quark Comes Out : (A short film by Chris Costello) A final desperate attempt at love during the final days of college. (14 mins.)
At Laging Meron Pa: (A short film by Chris Costello) A "sliding doors" type narrative, pre- and post-suicide. (5 mins.)
Saging at Rambutan : (A short film by Quark Henares) Mockumentary on low-end video porn.
A Date With Jao Mapa: (A short film by Quark Henares, featuring Jao Mapa as himself) Jao Mapa is the biggest teen idol of yesteryear, and Alexa is his biggest fan, the fan who loves him a little too much. When Alexa takes that love to questionably higher degrees, the results are… damn well shot. (20 mins.)
Hopefully, we'll have a rescreening of everything again soon. we'll keep you up to date =)

* * *

August 8, 2001
I must warn you that my website is basically about Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith and the directors from Propaganda Films. Though I do cover all movies, these are my favorite topic. So without further ado, I bring to you Troublemaker Studios , Robert Rodriguez's official website and View Askew , Kevin Smith's official website and Propaganda Films , Propaganda Film's official website. Thank you. =)

Just discovered two other websites thru e-mail, and interesting sites trying to cater to the underground scene.

* * *

August 7, 2001:
Between running a website, printing a newsletter, and trying to run a little screening room, all this is starting to become a lot of work, but heck, I guess to a former bum, anything is a lot of work, hehehe, so when am I going to direct a movie? =) anyway so here's the latest from the BYC desk

July 29, 2001:
WISH LIST: Does anybody have copies to Tom Tywer's (RUN, LOLA, RUN) other movies? Like The Princess and The Warrior and WinterSleepers?


July 27, 2001:
I don't want to read it (coz it might spoil it, hehehe). But just wrote an article about Quint interviewing Jon Favreau about SWINGERS and MADE, which should rock! link

July 25, 2001:
A David Fincher website!!! It doesn't seem to be quite finished yet but it has potential, and according to a post on, he's directing Rendezvous with Rama, which is an Arthur Clarke novel, all on CGI! Which should rock! It seems that CGI has finally taken Hollywood by storm or always has and we just never knew about it. Also Hammer of God (not by Arthur Clarke) but directed by the director of Blade, Stephen Norrington, is coming out. It seems to be a Chinese sword movie, but I think more battle scenes, not one-on-one like in Crouching Tiger. Anyway, I also got that tidbit of news from So better head on to to get all the latest info! Thanks, Harry!

My friend, VINCE SALES, has just published his first book called, CHILDREN IN EXILE, an anthology of short stories. According to my classmate TJ, it is a book about "growing up and OUT of the magical world we all once inhabited as innocents, and the burden of living in exile in the real world." TJ's wife, Maisa Deluria, illustrated the book. I dunno when and where the book is officially launching but if you want a copy earlier just e-mail me. Vince, for me was one the best writer's of my class, and so I am looking really forward to reading this book. He also has a novel in the works, which should also be kick butt!

July 20, 2001:
I have this enjoyable pastime of filling up lists and surfing on Though I never have the money to buy anything on amazon, I get a great buzz, just thinking about the things that I could possibly buy! You should try it some time. You can make a wish list, a list of things you like and best of all when you are done, amazon sends a list of recommendations to you which serendipitously are the books, movies and music you wanted in the first place! I love amazon!

July 13, 2001:
I just realized that there is somebody selling food and drinks out of a cooler in front of DZRH all nite, which is useful to know. Also there is a vending machine selling softdrinks, three buildings down Esteban towards Hererra, beside DZRH. Anyway, going to my place, I've decided that everyone can bring food, drinks and videos especially videos! But if you get from fridge we recommend you give P20 for softdrinks, P30 for beer and bahala na how much for the wine. (I hope this is okay with you JJ) That should be able to get this thing going. =) . But most especially bring videos! BRING VIDEOS!!! coz that is exactly what this place is all about! =)

Secondly, I want to establish as an egroups to discuss and to also trade videos at. I just realized that all of combined have one wham-bam collection of DVD's. So we should just lend em to each other. Now don't be an ass and just borrow and not lend. Or just borrow and borrow and never return em. We should all borrow from each other and lend to each other. That's what a community is all about. =) Eventually I am going to put a big bulletin board outside BYC where you can post messages about videos you want to borrow and those you are willing to lend.

Samurai 1
Early Film (Edison, Lumiere Brothers, Melies)
Early Film 2 (George Melies)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

City of Lost Children

Gorky Park
Apocalypse Now
lotsa Schwarzenegger, Ridley Scott, Paul Verhoeven, etc. which I have to list down

To all you David Letterman fans, channel 64 (or 63, was it), basta channel E! shows David Letterman every weekday at 10 PM. And Meet the Press with Tim Russert is shown every Sunday night at CNBC at on channel 11. I've heard NU107 has just opened up a channel on UHF which I haven't been able to locate so please e-mail me where this is found. And Wolf Blitzer, you suck! =) hehe.

To put it bluntly, FILIPINO MOVIES SUCK! But to also say that Filipino movies had me in mind while they were making their movies would be foolish. In my little experience in moviemaking, I realized that those who make Filipino films work really hard, it's just that those movies were not made for me. Moviemaking is a business. It costs money to make and so you must expect money in return. But that was before. Now that we have Digital Video (DV), home PC editing and the power to telecast movies over the Internet, there is no reason why we can not make movies the way we want them to be. All you need is a digital video camera, a PC and a website to show it on. But where will you get the money for all that? Well you have to work for it, silly. Unless, of course, you have parents who will sponsor you. Or have nice friends who you can borrow from. And so now you can make your movies! But how will you get people to watch your movies? Well you have to market it plus you have to make your content compelling enough for people to watch. Well what if still nobody wants to watch your movie? Then, my friend, you are an artist and nobody understands you, hehehe. But forget that! Either people watch your movies or they don't. But as long as you keep on making movies, someone will like you eventually. And if still nobody likes them, Tough! Get on with it! But never give up! I think this world would become a better place if we are always making movies. How do I know that? Well it's just a hunch. And so what's next? So you have made your movies and people are watching them. So now you can sell your stuff to TV channels or movie studios or on the Internet. Or you you can set up your own website and make money off advertising and subscriptions. Or maybe you can even start printing your own DVD's and selling them to your friends. And then what? Well then, now you are FAMOUS! And you can have all the angst you want, because you are now totally, officially and finally a FILMMAKER! =)

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