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The best filmmaking school in the Philippines, Mowelfund teaches around thirty people a year the basics of filmmaking for around ten thousand bucks. But with that you get one month of lectures, five months of filmmaking experience plus the expertise of top film practicioners of the Philippines. Mowelfund provides the film, equipment and cameras at no extra charge. But what Mowelfund provides even more is the opportunity to hobnob with the country's best directors. Mowelfund launched the career of Raymond Red (Cannes Film Festival Winner) and up and coming directors Robert Quebral (Picha Pie MTV of Parokya ni Edgar, Kitakits sa McDo commercial) and Aureaus Solito (Huling El Bimbo MTV for the Eraserheads, Impeng Negro). For people wanting to break into filmmaking, Mowelfund is a great place to start!


Tel: 7271915 / 7271961

UNIVERSITY of the PHILS., Diliman
If you want to take a serious degree in Film, there is a 4-year undergrad course available the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
___ So far the only bachelor's course in film that I know of in this country, all aspiring filmmakers who want to take film in college flock to UP (hint, hint for the other universities to start taking film seriously.)
___ Now here's the story, I have heard good things and bad things about this degree in UP. On one hand daw, you learn about film theory but, on the other hand daw you don't get too much practical filmmaking experience with film (unlike Mowelfund which makes you shoot on film right away.)
___ I personally took an Interdisciplinary Studies degree in Ateneo with concentrations in film, marketing and history so I don't really know much about the UP degree. ___Anyway, proof of the UP Film degree's capability
is that it graduated Raymond Red (Cannes winner in Short Film in 2000) and new up coming director Lyle. There are other famous alumnae of the UP Film degree which I will have to research about, isn't Robert Quebral, Ely Buendia and Yam Laranas from UP Film? Please e-mail me for any info =)

The nearest world class film school to the Philippines. This film school graduated Zhang Yimou and the other reputable Chinese Fifth Wave directors. I think its a two or three year course and the curriculum is all in Chinese. I also heard that they do not accept anybody over 25, coz they are too "old" to be taught daw. (yes, master, hehehe) Anyway, if I was young all over again. I would seriously consider going to this school.

USC - University of Southern California Film School

Along with NYU, these two universities comprise the best film schools in the world. They are like the Harvard and Stanford of film schools. USC is famous for graduating George Lucas (and rejecting Steven Spielberg! But Spielberg doesn't take it personally coz he gave a hundred million dollar building to USC, I think, to show that he is not bitter after making all his millions, in spite of not being accepted, hehehe).

NYU - New York University
The other god film school, this film school has graduated Ang Lee and Spike Lee and Bruce Lee and Jet Li (joke on the last two, =) ). NYU is fashioning itself or already is the premiere arts university of the world, wherein which you can take almost any arts or pop culture related course in the world! (I think Aberdeen University allows you to major in Michael Jackson though, hehehe) The hip of the hip, the trend of the trend, located in New York's Village near SOHO, this place seems to be the crucible of a lot of the art of the world and especially now, movies.
Unfortunately, I think this school graduated also Chris Colombus, hehehe.

I think this school graduated Michael Mann. Supposedly the best film school in Europe (of course, all the rest would contend this), London Film School will give you a three year film course at a price. They say it is not too hard to get in as long as you can afford it. It is my dream to study here one day for a year, another year in NYU and then work for the BBC. But we'll see. =)

I know Sydney has a film school. It's name slips my mind right now. But Sydney is the new major hotbed for Hollywood productions. They have a considerable Caucasian population (good for extras). Lots of sunlight.
Great weather. Affordable costs and a very talented population. All of Matrix and Stars Wars Episodes 1-3 will be or were shot here. (Even LOTR probably used a lot of Aussie talent even though it was shot in New Zealand, Peter Jackson the director's homeland). Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is where there is a lot of shooting going along, the film schools should also be pretty good.

I don't know much about this academy. It looks dubious. It does advertise in the classified section of Time Magazine, which isn't a good thing. Anyway, anybody been here? How'z the feedback?

I think this is the name of the Israeli film school. It looks good, and you get to experience Israel. Worth a look-see. Israeli films are pretty good.

I think Michael Bay went to this school. But I could be wrong.

Seems to be a pretty developed film culture over here in Texas. Harry Knowles is from Texas and so is Robert Rodriguez. Q. Tarantino (no matter how much I don't like his films and maybe him) has his film fest here.

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